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An opportunity to get close to someone can strike anywhere, anytime. All you need is confidence to seize the moment.

Don’t rely on rinsing your mouth with water, boost your confidence with the all NEW Closeup Red Hot Mouthwash – your everyday solution to bad breath and natural, long-lasting freshness. Infused with Natural Clove Oil and Anti-Germ Formula, it provides 100% germ protection and fights bad breath.

Worried about a stinging sensation in the mouth while using it? Don’t be! The alcohol-free formula gently cleanses without burning or drying up your mouth. This Red Hot Mouthwash also eliminates plaque and prevents build-up for a pearly, bright smile.

Be unafraid to grab unexpected opportunities to get close with Closeup Red Hot Mouthwash. Simply add Closeup Red Hot Mouthwash to your oral health regime and use only twice a day for long lasting freshness!

Description :

New Closeup Red Hot Mouthwash. Feel a natural boost of fresh confidence. Powered by cardamom and tulsi which fights germs 24/7. Bought to you from Closeup, India’s leading freshness brand in toothpaste category. Closeup’s first mouthwash with natural ingredients like tulsi for 100% mouth clean up and cardamom gives you long lasting fresh breath.

Moment of closeness can happen anywhere anytime and you need the confidence to seize those moments but bad breath can kill this confidence, do not trust only rinsing with water will mask the bad breath. With Closeup Red Hot Mouthwash have the confidence to seize the unexpected opportunities to get closer anytime anywhere.

Features and Benefits:

  • Closeup mouthwash nature boost is formulated with cardamom and tulsi
  • 100% proven action against germs which fight germs 24/7 to give you long-lasting freshness
  • Delivers a natural boost of fresh confidence
  • No alcohol formulation and the formula vegetarian
  • Proudly made in India with a natural ingredients formula

Alternatively, you can also find many more products from the Closeup Red Hot Mouthwash range.Water, Sorbitol, peg-40, hydrogenated castor oil, potassium citrate, glycine, benzyl alcohol, phenoxyethanol, sodium lauryl sulphate flavour, zinc sulphate, sodium saccharin, mentha piperita extract, sodium fluoride, elettaria cardamomum oil (cardamom oil), basil extract CI 47005, CI 42051.

  • Use undiluted 20ml, rinse for 30 seconds. Gargle and expel and do not swallow the rinse.
  • Do not rinse mouth with water or eat or drink 30 minutes post rinse. Use twice daily.

Warning: For external use only. Not to be swallowed. Keep out of reach of children.

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250ml, 500ml

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