How to treat unpaid work

There are many ways in which women’s burden at home can be reduced by the government.

Unpaid Work: Unpaid Domestic Services as well as Unpaid Care of Children, the old and the disabled for their respective households.

Women everywhere carry a disproportionately higher burden of unpaid work.

The unpaid work is invisible in national database and particularly in national policies, even though it contributes to overall well-being at household level as well as national level.

This work is repetitive, boring and frequently drudgery – a 24-hour job without remuneration, promotions or retirement benefits.

It also restricts opportunities for women in the economy and in life.

Women do this job not necessarily because they like it or are efficient in it, but because it is imposed on them by patriarchal norms, which are the roots of all pervasive gender inequalities. This unequal division of unpaid work between women and men is unfair and unjust and it deprives women of equal opportunities as men.

For political parties to recognize, this work is a positive development, and the demand for wages for housewives has emerged from this concern.

Author: UINDO

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