India, USA resolve to intensify defence cooperation

Indian Defence Cooperation with following USA Commands:

  1. U.S. Central Command in Florida
  2. U.S. Commands in the Indo-­Pacific region
  3. U.S. Commands in the Africa

Members in Meeting/Announcements:

  1. Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh
  2. U.S. Secretary of Defense General Lloyd James Austin-III (retd)

Austin’s Statement:

The partnership as a central pillar of the American Policy for the Indo-Pacific.

Rajnath Singh’s Statement:

We reviewed the wide gamut of bilateral and multilateral exercises and agreed to pursue enhanced cooperation with the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, Central Command and Africa Command. Acknowledging that we have in place the foundational agreements, LEMOA, COMCASA and BECA, we discussed steps to be taken to realize their full potential for mutual benefit.

The bilateral discussion covered “military­-to-military engagement across services, information sharing, cooperation in emerging sectors of defence, and mutual logistics support”.

Author: UINDO

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